チェリーバイナルの新しいプロジェクトのデザイナーFemke Hiemstraのインタビューの日本語訳です。かいつまんで訳します、プロの訳者ではないの多少のニュアンスの違いなどは予めご了承下さい、それに対しての責任は負いかねます。英語文を全文読みたい方は前のポストでお読み頂けます。

Interview by Giorgia Mannucci

1)   Femke you are an internationally famous artist from Holland. Your artworks highly sought after, with a long waiting list (and I know because I tried many times!). Can you please introduce yourself?



I’m a former illustrator who kind of rolled into making art. I used to make painted illustrations but at one point went along with the digital revolution and switched to making Photoshop coloured work. But I found the constant staring at a monitor not very pleasant so I went back to painting again, but this time only for the fun of it. I put those works online and they got noticed up by a gallery and they offered me a spot in a show and so the ball started rolling.


2)   Most of your paintings are book covers of invented novels with a terrific narrative power: an entire surrealist fairy tale described in one single picture. Do you use to create an entire story, with characters and a plot, when you are sketching a new piece or art? Or is mostly a matter of great composition?


What I paint is a scene from a story, not a complete story nor just a composition.



3)   Le Chat is your first vinyl toy, inspired by your painting Le Chat Domestique. Do you follow the toys scene? Which are you favorite artists or vinyl toys?


I must admit that I hardly follow the toy scene. When seeing a cool vinyl toy I’m usually able to recognize the work of the artist but I really can’t tell you any names. But I do like characters a lot and collect them as well, but mostly the more awkward looking, unfamiliar stuff that you can find on fleamarkets or in antique shops.



4)   If so, what is the story behind Le Chat Domestique, and why did you choose among all your incredible cast of figures to introduce yourself in the art toys scene with this character?


Luke of Lulubell was the one who invited me to make this toy. He made me curious and I said yes to the invitation. Le Chat was picked out to be “vinylized” since the cat has a great personality, that would be strong enough to stand on his own in a 3D world.



5)   I know that you love cats, is our Le Chat inspired by one of yours?


There’s always a bit of Noodles in all my cat characters, but this one was inspired by a dog. An Afghan hound, to be more precise. I saw one in my neighborhood and watched his long wavy hair. It made me think about people ‘molding’ animals into a shape that we think as beautiful and it made me think about Persian cats as well. (Although there’s a lot to be said about the human influence on animal looks, it’s not exactly what I wanted to get into). An image of a cat with long hair appeared before my minds eye. Sitting straight, and a bit grumpy looking, in contrast with it’s elegant filaments as if it was unhappy with his own appearance. ‘Le Chat Domestique’ or ‘The Domestic Cat’, a surreal portrait of a house cat was born.


6)   I know that you love to wander in flea markets all over the world and you can boast an incredible collection of vintage toys and mascots, postcards, matchboxes and more. Which are your favorite treasures in your Wunderkammer?


I have so many favorites! I do like my little plastic polar bear on ski’s as much as I like this set of cheaply made, pipe smoking Easter bunnies or this set of fluffy ducks with guitars and silly hats. They all have personality.

私はたくさんのお気に入りがあるの。プラスティック製のスキーしているホッキョクグマ で安っぽい作りのもの、パイプ煙草を吸っているイースターバニー、ギターをもってるふわふわのアヒル。


8)   You are a Dutch artist from Amsterdam, but you’re art is very well known in America as well. Are most of your collectors are European or Americans?


I think it’s a 50/50 mix that leans a bit more to the US side since I show there the most.


9)   Your works are always a composition of figures and lettering, in English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French, Dutch and many others. How do you choose with language would fit for a specific artworks?


I first come up with a title, than translate it in various languages and than see what feels/fits best.

色々な言葉で訳したり、何が一番良いかを考えるよりも先に 最初にタイトルを思いきます。

Thank You for your time Femke!



Le Chat – coming soon from Cherry Vinyl – sculpted by Pretty In Plastic - stay tuned for release here and at Lulubell Toys



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